NSA-NM Writer's Academy

How long has it been since you first
entertained the idea of writing a book?

Joseph Epstein, a renowned American writer of essays and several
best-selling books, says 81% of Americans believe they have a book in them.
That’s about 100 million adult book-pregnant people!

Are you one of those 81%? That’s great. We welcome you.

Just don’t be one of these people whose book is never born!

But you could probably use some help.

And, that’s what NSA-NM’s brand new Author’s Academy is for!

A powerful career — whether in speaking
or another profession — requires…

• A Way with Words

• Eloquence

• Discipline

• Mastery of a Subject

A published book is one of the BEST ways to
demonstrate all those capabilities!

Your Book Here!

One of the BIGGEST BARRIERS to completing a book is DISCIPLINE.

That’s where NSA – New Mexico comes in. We can help!

NSA-NM Writer's Academy


Watch this space for information
about NSA-NM’s 2024 Writer’s Academy!

~ The Details ~


The Writer’s Mastermind Academy is a one-year commitment. DATES: January 2023—November 2023. December 2023: Marketing presentation promotion celebration.


Provide support for members so they complete their book by the end of the Writer’s Mastermind (WMM) meetings. WMM groups provide support, stimulation, and critiques.


Large-group monthly blended meetings with expert speaker. We will organize up to six Writer’s Mastermind groups, meeting up to three times per month. One WMM Committee members will be available to each WMM group. Groups will be in charge of setting their own meeting schedule.

One person will be the focus of each meeting. Writer’s Mastermind membership in groups will be stationary or shifting. This will be determined by the entire group. Our goal is to flexibly meet everyone’s needs.


Maximum six members in each group. Provide support so members complete their book by the end of the Writer’s Mastermind. Writer’s MM groups provide support, accountability, stimulation, and feedback.

Because of the virtual blended nature of this WMM, we will encourage participants to join from anywhere in the United States.


For this first-ever beta Writer’s Mastermind Academy the total inclusive fee is $249.00, whether attending live or virtually.


Participants will commit to written goals to be accomplished by the end of 2023, NSA-NM will give anyone who achieves these goals a $100 rebate! No excuses allowed to earn this rebate. None! We are determined to create a structure that will enable you to achieve your goals and be rewarded when that happens.


A variety of materials will be available online.


To take advantage of the huge number of NSA members who are well-established, well-known authors, we will arrange for NSA members to speak at our monthly large-group meetings.


Because NSA NM has established a cable show called Speakers’ Corner, we will invite authors to be interviewed on the local Albuquerque cable channel.


For each year following this beta program, we will invite inaugural members to continue to attend our monthly large-group meetings.


Please help us design and promote this program. Your Writer’s Mastermind Academy is determined to help our members build a foundation for their professional careers.

We’ll push and prod you to get your book written!

Send your questions or comments to:

Janelle@JanelleBarlow.com (or) EvaFanari@gmail.com

NSA-NM Writer's Academy

~ 2023 Writer’s Academy Curriculum ~

JANUARY: Large group introductory meeting

  • The psychology of writing
  • How to work in a MM accountability group
  • Best habits; bad habits
  • Overcoming fears
  • Commitment: Create intention of book; define how
    you will work—how long each day, research, etc.

FEBRUARY: Your Topic, Writing From Your Heart

  • Choosing your topic
  • Organizing your topic
  • Organizing your materials
  • Finding books that support your intent
  • Choose style: grade level, audience
  • Commitment: Begin to gather subset ideas for your topic

MARCH: Refine Topic, Start Writing, Gather Stories

  • Write Preface or Introduction (Preface is marketing material;
    Introduction outlines purpose of book and how it will be presented)
  • Gather at least 3 stories that will match your topic or subtopics.
  • Commitment: Write Preface or Introduction

APRIL: Continue Writing; Establish System for…

  • Organizing and Tracking Materials
  • Choose one subtopic and identify stories or research
    that will support one subtopic idea
  • Commitment: Write one subtopic, complete with
    supporting research, exercises, or stories.

MAY: Getting Stuck—Let’s Get Unstuck

  • What your style of writing? What can be amplified?
  • What needs to change?
  • Getting feedback from group about your writing
  • Commitment: Identify writing strengths

JUNE: Publishing Your Book

  • Deciding whether to seek a publisher or self-publish
  • Setting your budget
  • Sending proposal to publishers
  • Commitment: Narrow publication possibilities down to two choices

JULY: Launching Your Book

  • It’s time to begin launching your work
  • Building an author website
  • Social media and its role in your book launch
  • Commitment: Choose one or two social media
    platforms for your launch; plan launch attack

AUGUST: Creating Blog Posts, White Papers, etc.

  • Finding the pearls in what you have written so far
  • Begin to populate your book to other media
  • Continue writing
  • Commitment: Finding your pearls in written material
    and begin to convert to a book launch plan

SEPTEMBER: Speaking About Your Topic

  • Outline a speech that relies on your written materials
  • Commitment: Start to merge your speaking career with your writing.

OCTOBER: Intellectual Property

  • Making sure you’re not violating IP rights
  • Establishing ownership of your IP
  • Commitment: Make an IP plan

NOVEMBER: Finish Writing; Identify Possible Endorsers

  • Identify Possible Endorsers
  • Plan how to use your testimonials
  • Commitment: Identify possible 10 endorsers;
    contact and ask for their support.

DECEMBER: Celebration Time!

  • Book readings
  • Get feedback from group about your writing

Disclaimer: This is an initial curriculum. We guarantee changes will happen. Because this is our beta Writer’s Academy, we will evaluate and make changes as we move through the year. Your ongoing feedback will be very helpful to us during this process!


Watch this space for information
about NSA-NM’s 2024 Writer’s Academy!