Is your job to find & recruit the most effective speaker to light up
your next meeting, conference, training, or product launch?

You’ve come to the right place!

The New Mexico Chapter of the National Speakers Association has an enchanting collection of inspiring and informed presenters who will engage your audience – whether in person or remotely, an ongoing class or one-time event.

But you don’t really want to know how good WE are – you need to know how good we can help YOU be!

Smart event professionals turn to NSA-NM to find dynamic presenters to score as keynoters, emcees, moderators, panelists, humorists, and entertainers who can and will provide your participants with a memorable and purposeful experience. Many of our speakers are also trainers in topics ranging from customer service to sales and quality to productivity. They’ll support you in defining your strategy, from live and in-person programs to virtual experiences that leave lasting value.

Here’s why NSA speakers get the highest grades at corporate and organizational events:

  • Certified professional speakers hold the highest recognized standard of training in the speaking industry.
  • Members enjoy regular educational programs.
  • No chapter speaker is a lone wolf – we set up breakfast meetings, zoom calls, expert coaches, and other supporting tactics to make sure your speaker will have the best preparation possible.
  • NSA speakers must adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Here are some questions to be ready to answer to help get your top-notch speaker in place:

  • Is the chair a committee of one, or do you need to coordinate planning meetings?
  • Are you working with a meeting planner or speakers’ bureau? Who is the bottom-line decision-maker?
  • Where are you in your planning process?
  • What’s the event date, location, and budget?
  • Do you have a theme – or specific areas you need to address?
  • Are you planning a single presentation, or do you have multiple tracks or educational sessions to fill?
  • Who were your recent speakers and themes – and how were they received?
  • Finally – and please give this some thought – how will your organization judge if this event has achieved excellence?
Mable Orndorff - NM Professional Speaker
Stacy Sacco - NM Professional Speaker
Bob Mason - Leadership Speaker