Janelle Barlow - Professional Speaker
Janelle Barlow - Professional Speaker

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Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Janelle Barlow, CSP

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Janelle has 30+ years of experience to meet your needs in Four Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Janelle Barlow, CSP

  1. Treating Complaints as Gifts; Building A Complaint-Friendly Organization
  2. Customer Service that Rocks; Align Your Service to Your Brand; Branded Customer Service
  3. Creativity and Innovation; Unbind Your Mind
  4. Resiliency; Stress and Time All Out Performance

  • A best-selling author nominated for several book awards
  • She’s got degrees!  A Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Education Curriculum and Design; two M.A. Degrees, one in Political Science and one in Psychology
  • She’s won numerous awards, including the Nevada HR Consultant, C.S.P. from the National Speakers Association, Consultant of the Year from both TMI and TMI International
  • Named a Legend of the Speaking Profession by the Veterans Speakers Assn
  • Global Partner with UNInet, Europe;  MgtStrat, Asia;  Moveminds, Latin America
  • She’s a leader, serving as President for the Global Speakers Federation, and NSA Chapters in both Northern California and New Mexico
  • She’s spoken in 87 different countries
  • An award-winning photographer
  • She absolutely LOVES what she does — getting to know you and meeting your needs!

Program Descriptions

MoveMindsJanelle offers customized online presentations as training and consulting company-wide processes. Her programs cover Creativity & Innovation, Complaint Handling, Resilience Development, and Your Brand and Your Customer Service. Here’s a sample!

  • Most customers don’t complain
  • Four solid reasons why complaints are gifts
  • How to use the Complaint Is a Gift Formula
  • Difference between emotional and rational complaints
  • Impact of intervening with speed
  • Using the right amount of empathy in complaint handling
  • How important it is to show fairness
  • Increase your customer’s tolerance zone
  • How to best respond to written or on-line complaints
  • Know when to ask for help
  • Passing off customers to someone else with minimal fuss
  • Move customers from Poor to Wow Responses
  • Help customers avoid embarrassments when complaining
  • Determining when to refuse a customer’s request
  • Building a wide-tolerance zone with your customers
  • Interacting with different communication styles
  • Getting great results when you complain