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NSA New Mexico Speaker Academy

For more information or to get onto the list for the next Academy,
please contact Bob Mason at (505) 453-5266 or RLM@PlanLeadExcel.com

What is the Speaker Academy?

The Speaker Academy offered accross the United States by the National Speakers Association (NSA) is the program of choice for aspiring speakers and seasoned professionals. Now for the first time, the New Mexico Speaker Academy is available.

Accelerate your skills and confidence and build on your framework for a successful career as a professional speaker. Mentors and seasoned content experts contribute to each session, designed to meet a speaker’s needs. The life-changing NSA New Mexico Speaker Academy is an intensive six-session program for emerging, aspiring, and current professional speakers and trainers, ready to move their career from free-to-fee.

What does tuition include?

* Membership fee for NSA New Mexico for 2019-2020.
* Five 2-hour live Speaker Academy sessions PLUS a Showcase Session where you will be videotaped in front of a live audience.
* All sessions led by professional speakers.
* No fee admission to all regularly scheduled NSA NM meetings/events for 2019-2020 year.
* At least five ZOOM meetings.
* Assigned mastermind groups of brainstorming and problem-solving throughout the 8-month period.
* Graduation and Spotlight Showcase.
* Participants videotaped in front of a live audience for a demo tape.
* Access to a vast collection of tapes and DVDs of NSA Speakers.
* Check out the full curriculum on the Speaker Academy Application form.

What is the value to YOU?

* Benefit from an intensive professional and personal development experience that provides reality-based curriculum, extensive workbook, hands-on activities, and likely interaction.
* Each session is designed to accelerate your skills and confidence to ensure a smooth business launch and conversion to professional NSA membership status.
* Focus on how to market yourself to corporations, associations, and organizations who hire and pay speakers.
* Professional speaking is a lucrative-but challenging-profession. NSA NM Speaker Academy provides the resources you need to understand and succeed in the business of speaking.
* The faculty features dedicated, accomplished professionals who make all or part of their living as professional speakers. You’ll learn the speaking business from the inside out from veterans who understand how it works and want to share the excitement of a speaking career.

What is YOUR investment?

Your investment for the entire program is maximum of $995, including a $150 (non-refundable) deposit at time of application. Any remaining balance must be paid within 30-days of your acceptance.

* Early Bird Fee: $795 by June 30, 2019
* Middle Bird Fee: $895 by July 31, 2019
* Final Registration Fee: $995 after July 31, 2019

How do YOU enroll?

Complete the Speaker Academy Application form and email to jabarlow@alloutperform.com  together with a $150 non refundable deposit.

Telephone Janelle Barlow at (702) 481.0375 or email at  jabarlow@alloutperform.com  with any questions about the ‘New’ Speaker Academy.  She would love to meet you and share her excitement about the Academy.

“Being a member of NSA NM has helped  me grow my speaking business faster  and to learn new strategies to expand  my products and services. The bottom  line is that my income and impact have  increased exponentially as a result.”

Jerome Wade, CSP

“NSA NM has opened  my eyes to growing my business, increasing my  fees, and getting connected to  professional  speakers who are  now dear friends.”

Sam Newton