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Looking for a speaker?
Here’s a list of New Mexico’s speaking professionals. 

Marianne Bjelke (bee-ell-kuh)

Marianne Bjelke will inspire, motivate, and entertain your audience to take the fear out of change, map their transformation into their ideal vision of themselves, and live their ‘summum bonum’ (or highest good). Keynotes and breakout topics – often told through the lens of parenting – include finding your inner superhero, overcoming obstacles in communication, and entrepreneurial strategies. All presentations are tailored to your organization’s goals, guaranteed to leave your attendees energized and talking about your event.

This former New Yorker was a stand-up comedian at 21, and opened her first successful business (a retail herb, tea, and gift shop) at 25. As a program manager, she has overseen the details of 6-figure projects from concept, through development, and into successful launch. She understands that the key to program success happens only when developers, end users, stakeholders, marketing teams, and executive management speak the same language. With a proven track record, and over 25 years of operations and program management experience, Marianne will help your teams define, execute, and complete their strategic goals. 


Telephone: (505) 610 9199

Raphael Chalvarian

Raphael is a speaker / trainer and the founder of Explainit2me, LLC. He is a Microsoft Excel expert / educator. He conducts seminars all over the United States to educate business companies on how to use Microsoft Excel efficiently, by unravelling the unknown secrets of this powerful productivity tool. His audience ranges from first time users to the most advanced users looking for new and current tips and techniques. His one and/or two-day seminars are fun, energetic and rich with high content delivered with an ‘Aussie’ accent.

Raphael also speaks on how to create creative Powerpoint slides so that you don’t put your audience to sleep with ‘dry and boring’ slides. As a presenter, you keep your audience’s interest by telling stories. Microsoft Powerpoint ignites the imagination of your audience’s mind.

Raphael is originally from Melbourne, Australia where he started at a young age as a trainer in banking and finance, and then in the travel and airline industry. He joined NSAA in 1998 (National Speakers Association of Australia) now known as PSA  Professional Speakers of Australia. In the U.S. he joined NSA in 2014. He is a Past President of NSA New Mexico Chapter and the New Mexico Chapter of ATD  Association for Training and Development.


Telephone: (505) 459 5835

Steve Corona

“Over the last decade, Steve has learned profound lessons in communication and performance from Hollywood’s top actors and directors. Corona has worked with some of the best, including Johnny Depp, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons, Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Gerard Butler as an actor and dialect coach – performing and coaching accents from around the world. His on-set experience with award-winning entertainers combined with a Masters Degree in Theatre has equipped Steve with techniques that he uses to help build clients’ confidence, achieve specific performance goals, and communicate more effectively. Steve delivers highly entertaining, motivational presentations demonstrating a variety of performance skills and character development tools to empower his audiences. Corona strives to provide valuable insight and practical applications that help people find and use their voice in: education, performance, business, sales, and more.”


Telephone: (505) 306 8524

Shelley Gruenig 

Shelly Gruenig is a speaker, author, successful entrepreneur, curriculum designer, homeschool, wife and mother. She is widely known as an expert Life Launch coach. She coaches youth and their parents, to plan and achieve their life goals. Shelly and her husband, Bob, strive to inspire others to take action by sharing their journey from broke and hopeless to an abundant life of health and wealth. Their business, Be Greater Than Average, has been inspiring young people to learn and challenge themselves to be the best version of them that they can be whether it is through STEM projects, Entrepreneurial ventures, Wealth education or Life Launch Learning. Her mission is to inspire families to reach goals that are far greater than anything they could ever imagine for themselves!


Telephone: (505) 715 7732

Matthew Hale

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to make extraordinary changes in your life or business.  If you feel like you are settling, not getting the results you want or simply just feel stuck, you need to start using your Super Power now! 

Just like a lock, most things in life have a specific combination to access them.  Matthew teaches you how to use your Super Power of CHOICE so you can design a life that excites you.  Learn the tools used by the most successful people in the world to transform your life into one that feels fulfilled, powerful and successful.  Not only will CHOICE change your life, it will also make a positive impact on the world around you.  Inspiration is great, but having the tools and knowledge to create something new is POWERFUL! 

This experience offers hands-on exercises that keep participants engaged and offers them the opportunity to have fun while learning.  Whether you want to take your career or business to the next level, improve your health, create more meaningful relationships or become a more joyous and peaceful person – Matthew’s teachings are some of the most extraordinary training you’ll ever experience.  You will walk away a happier, more confident, more focused person with a commitment to be an unstoppable success.

Matthew is also the founder of Choice is Your Super Power Coaching Team


Telephone: (505) 702 3083

Bob Mason

Bob Mason helps companies solve problems and improve efficiency by showing supervisors and managers how to be more effective leaders leading more productive teams.

Leadership is the key to success and Bob has vast experience helping supervisors and managers develop effective leadership skills that will make them more effective leaders who will boost any organization’s success.

During a 30-year military career he was given the opportunity to lead ever larger and more complex teams, eventually commanding four different squadrons, including the Air Force’s largest munitions squadron. He has studied leadership extensively, but more importantly has real experience, working with people, making hard decisions and experiencing the results.

Bob is the founder of RLM Planning and Leadership and a founder and managing partner of The Daedalus Group, he started both companies to bring the effective leadership techniques he learned to the corporate world. He has worked with first-time supervisors, managers, and executives in both profit and non-profit organizations. Bob is a professional speaker, and a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). He is the 2016-2017 Past President of the NSA New Mexico Chapter, and has written four books on leadership.


Telephone: (505) 453 5266  or Email  bob@bobmasonspeaker.com 

Amy Miller

Amy Miller is a highly motivated, high energy, and well-rounded management and public affairs professional that has a reputation for developing and implementing strategies that help build and enhance relationships and communicate key messages.

Amy is the founder of AMM Consulting, where she uses her more than 20 years of management level experience in the business and nonprofit world, to provide expertise to organizations on strategic planning and project management, stakeholder engagement and government relations, and communications and issues management.

Amy loves to inspire audiences with talks on individual and organizational resilience, strong qualities of leadership, and strategies to communicate key messages and connect with stakeholders.   However, Amy practices what she preaches – tailor your message to the audience.  She prepares custom speeches and workshops that are tailored to your organization’s goals, ensuring that your audiences are inspired and that they walk away having learned something they can use in the future.


Telephone: (505) 269 0287

Barbra Portzline PhD, CRP

Dr. Barbra Portzline is a speaker, author, business strategist and organizational intuitive. She is the President at Organizational Rebel® LLC, the co-developer of the P6 Assessment, and the creator of Sherot® Oracle Cards. 

With over two decades of hands-on engagement in coaching, practicing, consulting, and teaching, Dr. Barbra Portzline has first-hand experience in the ebb and flow of individual and organizational growth and the pitfalls, challenges, opportunities and dynamics that fuel successful individuals and businesses. She works with both corporations and entrepreneurs helping them implement cost effective strategies to create sustainable profits and reduce financial waste. 

Her clients have achieved such results as launching signature programs, turning side hustles into profitable businesses, increasing long term revenue over 30%, successfully launching product lines, and transition from nearly shutting down their business to becoming profitable. Additionally, she has determined return on investments for her corporate clients and saved corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

After realizing her psychic and intuitive gifts Barbra now incorporates a combination of her extensive organizational development experience and her gift of intuition to help clients present from the heart, position themselves as the logical choice in their industry and profit in their businesses.

Her work supports a cross-discipline, integrated approach to strategy, which is like no other. 

Her Signature Talks:  

  • * Present, Position, & Profit ™ for Small Business
  • * More Clients, More Money & More Fun
  • * Rewrite Your Story, Recognize Your Gifts & Redesign Your Business
  • * Three Strategies to Break Through your Perceived Blocks &
    * Grow your Business


Telephone: (505) 835 6746

Ron Price

“Conflict is inevitable, damaged relationships are optional,” says author, speaker, and conflict management expert Ron Price. With experience covering three decades and having worked with numerous clients and organizations, Ron helps people prevent insignificant conflict from coming into their lives, and to resolve essential disputes that hinder teamwork, morale, and productivity.

Ron has written two books, ‘PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Work’ and ‘PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Home’. In each book, he provides tools, tips, and techniques to prevent insignificant conflict from stealing your time, energy, and resources, along with a model to address important conflicts you feel you must adequately resolve to move forward in the relationship.

He has spoken to or performed training for clients such as New Mexico City managers, Raytheon Corporation, Utah School Nurse Association, Texas Tech Health Sciences, Conoco-Phillips, New Mexico Coalition of Educational Leaders, Aztec, Farmington, and Bloomfield Schools, San Juan and McKinley Counties, and many, many more.  

Ron spoke at a Chamber of Commerce annual banquet. Unbeknownst to him, the person introduced him as Ron Price, an author, speaker, and humorist. While he had no idea she would use those terms, he instantly resonated with them – especially the humorist part. It is Ron’s great joy to entertain an audience, while at the same time giving them practical and helpful information they can use to improve the meaningful relationships in their lives. With all due respect to Mary Poppins, he believes “a little bit of laughter helps the medicine go down.”

Telephone: (505) 324 6328

Gail Rubin, CT

Gail Rubin, Certified Thanatologist, works with organizations to connect with baby boomers and seniors. She is a pioneering death educator who uses humor, funny film clips and outside-the-box activities to teach about end-of-life topics. An award-winning speaker, she ‘knocked ’em dead’ at TEDXABQ in 2015. She’s the author of three books on end-of-life issues; A GOOD GOODBYE: Funeral planning for those who don’t plan to die, HAIL AND FAREWELL: Cremation Ceremonies, Templates and Tips, and KICKING THE BUCKET LIST: 100 Downsizing and Organizing things to do before you die. She’s also an informed advocate for planning ahead, a Certified Funeral Celebrant, and the coordinator of the ‘Before I Die New Mexico Festival’. Albuquerque Business First recognized her as one of their 2019 Women of Influence.

Download a free 50 point Executor’s Checklist from her website  AGoodGoodbye
Telephone: (505) 265 7215

The  Certified  Speaking  Professionals

A CSP speaker is recognized at the highest level by the National Speakers Association. By earning the CSP designation they have proven that they are among the top echelon of professional speakers. Ony 17% of NSA members worldwide have earned this designation. 

Lenann McGookey-Gardner, MBA, CSP

Harvard MBA; Number 1 sales rep, globally, at a Fortune 500 company in her first year selling; Sales Advisor and Executive Coach to growing businesses in 53 countries around the world; “Top Performing CEO” award winner; “Marketer of the Year” designee from the American Marketing Association; profiled in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World 2017.  Lenann’s been a part of hundreds of businesses and individuals achieving success.  She brings all that experience to her speaking and training, and has a powerful track record of working with people to achieve the results they seek.  She’ll hold your feet to the fire, and give you best practices and new ideas that are success superpowers!


Telephone: (505) 828 1788

Jerome Wade, CSP

THE ULTIMATE EDGE: The Guide to Driving for Success Without Losing What You Love.

Life for working professionals is filled with endless deadlines, unreasonable demands, and all-consuming dilemmas. For

many, the pursuit of success and their drive to achieve, leads them to perform at an unsustainable pace putting at risk the very things they love. Left unchecked, drive and ambition can cause anyone to find themselves leading on empty, suffering from the devastating consequences of fatigue. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, you can stay at the top of your game and get what you want without putting at risk everything that matters to you. In this unfiltered, solution rich presentation, you will learn how to:

  • * Drive for success without driving yourself into the ground.
  • * Recognize, reverse, and prevent executive fatigue and burnout.
  • * Discover innovative resilience strategies.
  • * Create a self–leadership matrix that creates focus, alignment, and drives long-term results
  • * Activate clarity, confidence, and courageous leadership.
  • * Re-engineer a bigger, brighter, significance driven life.


Telephone: (505) 463 7234