Price Range
$500 - $4,000

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Allentown / PA

Marianne Bjelke

The Business Communication Strategist


Marianne Bjelke (bee-ell-kuh) was a stand-up comedian in New York City at 21, and opened her first successful business – a retail herb, tea, and gift shop – at age 25, which she sold at a profit just two years later.

Across retail and service industries, she has driven multi-million-dollar projects and led teams across a wide range of demographics and disciplines – From Operations, Financial, and Marketing, to Product- and Executive Management. Her clients learn how to dramatically grow their business and bottom line by coming into Alignment with their vision, their mission, and their tribe.

Today, she is The Business Communication Strategist, with a proven track record of over 25 years of professional success and profitability. As the founder of Strategic Business Solutions Consulting, she is passionate about helping her clients grow their business through improved communication – so they can share their value with IMPACT. Better communication has been shown to lead to stronger teams, more customers, and massive business growth. She is excited to be here today to share ways that YOU can quickly identify and phrase YOUR unique value proposition, and experience the success that follows.

Program Descriptions


(as told by a 7-year old)

Being a superhero isn’t easy, but YOU are up to the challenge! 

In the session you will learn:

  • 5 simple steps for success to meet personal and professional goals
  • Weed out to-do’s that hinder, rather than help you
  • Find your superpower and use it to grow your brand
  • Expand your network naturally
  • Bring out the Superhero inside of YOU and HAVE FUN DOING IT

And most importantly, you will have fun doing it!