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Helping supervisors and managers become better leaders leading more productive teams


Bob Mason - Leadership SpeakerBob Mason works with companies that want supervisors and managers who are more effective leaders leading more productive teams.

During a 30-year U.S. Air Force career in aircraft maintenance and combat rescue he was fortunate to learn leadership working for and with great leaders. He had many opportunities to lead ever larger and more complex teams, eventually commanding four different squadrons, including the Air Force’s largest munitions squadron. He has studied leadership extensively, but more importantly has been there, working with real people, making hard decisions, and experiencing the results. Now Bob concentrates on developing leadership skills in the backbone of any company – supervisors and managers.

Bob is a professional speaker, a Past President of the New Mexico chapter of the National Speakers Association, the author of four books on leadership, and co-founder of The Daedalus Group. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he and his wife enjoy hiking and exploring
Southwestern history.

Program Descriptions

Common Sense Leadership
Bob’s new on-line, on-demand leadership development program

Bob provides programs on many leadership topics that will fit your company or association needs. A few examples are:

Three Steps That Will Make You
A More Successful Leader

The three fundamentals that will have a high impact on you success as a supervisors or manager.

Building and Leading Effective Teams

Whether you have picked your own team or are assigned to an existing team you’ll be a much more effective leader when you understand how teams develop and how to manage conflict at each stage of a team’s development.

The Art of Not Motivating

Motivation and engagement are hot topics these days but what is motivation and how do you get team members to be engaged. This program takes a fresh look at motivation; what it really is and why a leader must create a motivational environment rather than trying to motivate people.

Accountability for Supervisors and Managers

Accountability is a critical aspect of leadership, yet it is poorly understood. Learn what accountability means from the supervisors and managers point of view. Participants will understand what they are accountable for, what gets in the way of effective accountability, and how to avoid accountability pitfalls.

Bob also has proven tools to help you determine opportunities for improvement.