Where Professional Speakers Connect.

Where Professional Speakers Connect


Since 1973…

National Speakers Association (NSA) is the premier organization for professional speakers. Since our founding in 1973, we have helped tens of thousands of speakers perfect their craft, build thriving businesses, and achieve the levels of growth and contribution they seek.

NSA is the leading source for community, education and entrepreneurial business knowledge needed to be successful in the speaking profession. NSA chapters are a great place to meet – or reconnect with – peers in your local area. NSA Chapters grow and empower members through sharing, learning, and mentoring. Getting involved with the chapter near you is the best way to connect with, share with, and learn from fellow speakers.

NSA-New Mexico — a state chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) — is the only professional speakers association in the state of New Mexico. One of the 35 proud chapters of NSA, we are here to grow and empower our members through sharing, learning, and mentoring in a positive environment. Our professional members are also members of the National Speakers Association, while NM Professional Speakers are on track to become one. As content experts that provide platform excellence and business knowledge to individuals as well as organizations locally, nationally, or internationally, we speak on a broad range of topics — from personal growth to business development. The service we provide to our clients includes individual coaching as well as organizational effectiveness. Most importantly, we are here to provide support to our peers and to build camaraderie among us.

NSA-New Mexico recognizes the speaking need of authors, consultants, trainers, corporate executives, managers, school teachers, college professors, politicians and anyone who speaks publicly. We are here to help! With your membership at NSA-NM, we will provide you the resources and support you need to raise your speaking effectiveness, both professionally and personally.

NSA New Mexico Chapter Board Members:
Bob Mason – President
Jerome Wade – President-Elect
Raphael Chalvarian – Immediate Past President and Treasurer
Merv Jersak
John Meluso, CSP
Mychelle Andrews
Shauna Rampley
Patrick Huested